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In 1992, a young ambitious man named Alan Voo embarked on a mission to chase his culinary dreams. He started off by learning the roasting technique from a famous Hong Kong roasting master; Master Yan. Alan Voo was always the first to reach the workshop and the last to leave. After some time, Master Yan was impressed with his enthusiasm and willingness to learn. He taught his secret techniques and recipes of scrumptious roast duck and wonton noodles, which further motivated Alan to learn the art. Eventually, Alan Voo traveled to Hong Kong with Master Yan to further his studies in Hong Kong Cuisine professionally.

Alan Voo graduated from the course 5 years later and was offered a position as the lead at the Hong Kong Kitchen. The years of training together with his vast knowledge and skills in Hong Kong cuisine were quickly recognized at the Hong Kong Kitchen and the restaurant became one of the most successful and popular eateries in Hong Kong. As a result, the restaurant received rave reviews and was crowded every single day.

In year 2006, Alan Voo was known as a Hong Kong-style chef as he traveled throughout Southeast Asia before returning to his hometown Sabah in East Malaysia. He founded his first ever restaurant called Gamtong Restaurant. His ever-growing love and passion for the business were felt by every customer that walked through the doors of the restaurant. The concept of the restaurant was received well by local customers and tourists.

Fast-forward to year 2017, in line with the healthy food culture, Alan Voo founded Fish Market Restaurant that focuses on a sauna-style steam hot pot cuisine with no use of salt, oil or taste enhancers like MSG. This cooking method would allow customers to taste the natural flavors and freshness of the ingredients served at the restaurant.

His professional work ethics and commitment in producing high quality food products have made Alan Voo a recognized figure in the restaurant industry. He has received multiple recognitions and awards such as “Chinese Cuisine Master”, “Platinum Chef” by World Cantonese Cuisine Kings Association, a Member Medal from France Blue Ribbon Food Association and many more.

Sabah is not only known for its beautiful islands but also the huge variety of fresh seafood available. Here at Fish Market Restaurant, we source the best quality live seafood from our waters to produce all the mouth-watering dishes on our menu. We are also the first Steam Hot Pot restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah that uses a steam cooking method that preserves all the natural flavors of the seafood.

Be sure to pay us a visit when you are in Sabah, we at Fish Market Restaurant are always ready to serve you delicious hot food and refreshing drinks. Last but not least, we always aim to provide the finest and warmest hospitality service to all our guests. 

Sauna Steamboat
  • Sauna Steamboat Today, people beginning to pay more attention on healthy food, but most of them are worried about healthy food with less oil, less salt and less sugar will not taste good. But as long as you have tried "Sauna Steamboat", you will find out steamed foods with oil-free, salt-free, and MSG-free can be tasty too.

    - [Fish Market Restaurant]

  • [Fish Market Restaurant] is the first steamboat restaurant in East Malaysia. It emphasis on nutrition, deliciousness, and health. The steamed dishes contain less nutrients and preserve more nutrients to a certain extent. In addition, the "steamed" cooking program is simple and the process is fast and not oily. Food remain the best taste with the simplest cooking.

  • [Steam Sauna] using new technology of health "steaming" method. It do not have oily fumes problem and the dishes can retain the original taste with more nutrients. It is the best choice for people today who seeking for healthy.



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