Steam Boat

[Fish Market Restaurant]
Today, people beginning to pay more attention on healthy food, but most of them are worried about healthy food with less oil, less salt and less sugar will not taste good. But as long as you have tried "Sauna Steamboat", you will find out steamed foods with oil-free, salt-free, and MSG-free can be tasty too.

[Fish Market Restaurant] is the first steamboat restaurant in East Malaysia. It emphasis on nutrition, deliciousness, and health. The steamed dishes contain less nutrients and preserve more nutrients to a certain extent. In addition, the "steamed" cooking program is simple and the process is fast and not oily. Food remain the best taste with the simplest cooking.

[Steam Sauna] using new technology of health "steaming" method. It do not have oily fumes problem and the dishes can retain the original taste with more nutrients. It is the best choice for people today who seeking for healthy.


The variety of delicious dishes, meat, seafood, and vegetables, all of dishes allow you to taste the most original and the freshest of food, satisfying everyone's requirements for food.

In order to emphasize the most original "freshness", the materials selected for "steamed food" require the best and freshest. All seafood is live seafood. The above two layers are cooked in the way, the upper layer of high-temperature steam is used to cook all kinds of ingredients, and the lower layer is cooked with raw rice, so that the essence and taste of all the foods, after enjoying the original taste of the upper layer, finally enjoy the lower layer. "Protect you full of porridge."